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Alpha Woman

Fall StyleWhat I’m wearing, Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket, Sandro tank top, Madewell Sweater Skirt, Steve Madden heels, Saint Laurent bag

Who from the 90’s didn’t wear a bomber jacket and Doc Martins to school? I know I did, and I know I loved every minute and absolutely thought I was the coolest kid around! Which is why wearing this Alpha Industries bomber jacket makes me feel like that cool kid all over again, don’t you guys love that feeling when you wear a garment¬†and it instantly takes you back in time, yet it’s a better version of you (and the garment of course). What makes it better is its fit, cut, and the fact that it is reversible and then voila you have a bright fluorescent orange bomber, perfect for that moment you feel a little more daring and edgy. (I am seriously thinking of getting it in olive green too). It is also inevitable not to pare this jacket with cute heels, and a pencil skirt like this Madewell one, it is the obvious way to instantly turn the whole look into a more feminine and sexy one. My husband loved that I wore this for our date night, and guess what? Now he wants to get the same jacket, it happens quite a lot we end buying the same sneakers, or jackets, and sometimes without even realizing it we will walk out of our door wearing the exact same thing! I love how that happens.¬†Fall Style Fall StyleSunsetFall styleFall StyleFall StyleSunsetFall StyleFall Style