Cappuccino kind of afternoon

Boyfriend Jeans

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When it rains in Barcelona the city feels chaotic, everyone suddenly takes out their cars so traffic is unbearable, and every café gets crowded, especially on a summer afternoon when it’s drizzling and not quite raining. So as you can imagine I am one of those people you will find in a terraza sipping on a cappuccino on a summer rainy afternoon. One of my favourite places to do so is Turo Café which is a 10 minute walk distance from my appartment, and on this particular rainy afternoon a few days ago I was wearing my new wedges, which were slippery so I had to stop and wait for the rain to stop, before I headed to pick up my nieces for the long awaited Ariana Grande concert! And if you are wondering YES I felt absolutely like a granny around all the teenage girls, and my 8 and 6 year old nieces, but I loved every moment, they were so excited!

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Sparkle in Black

el borne

Sandro Top, Zara Trousers, Manebi shoes, Tous Clutch, Tous Diamonds ring

Lately I have been hearing the same remarks from close friends, and that is that my wardrobe now consists uniquely of black garments, and it is very true indeed! But what better way to style myself at the moment? I am getting used to a new body, after the new body I had with pregnancy! I am not one of the many lucky women I know that their bodies did not change much during or after pregnancy, and quite honestly I have always been a fan of black and right now even more than ever! But one must listen to close friends and loved ones, and dear friends I have listened, which is why my next post will definitely be a bit more colorful as I am in sunny Barcelona. I hope you enjoy this look I wore a few days ago, before headed to a dinner with a friend in the most charming neighbourhood of Barcelona, El Borne. This area of the city guards so many beautiful memories, such as the beginning of my relationship with my husband, and I get so nostalgic walking around the streets of El Borne… TusTous Jewelry

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Tourist in my own city

BARCELONABARCELONADon’t we all love to rediscover our city? I know I do, which is why I absolutely love joining forces with other creative outlets and creating fun collaborations, my latest one was with Barcelona Winebar, which is my favourite restaurant in DC. Whenever I am in DC it is the closest I feel to home, I always choose to wine and dine there when out with my girlfriends or for a romantic night out with the hubby. I love their food, their cavas, and the ambience, all of it just top notch and truly embodies Barcelona to it’s fullest. So we decided I would do la turista in Barcelona, while doing a take over on their Instagram account, which meant me going to some of my loved spots in Barcelona, and I say some because there are so many that it would be impossible to pick all of them in just one takeover. So here is my little #HayaTakesBarcelona!PASEO DE GRACIASAGRADA FAMILIA CORTADO SANTA EULALIA BARCELONA LA BOQUERIA



Summer Gems by Tous

TousSummer time is one of my absolute favourite moments to take out all my Jewelry and wear it, since I am showing more skin, I can easily adorn it with more golden gems. Therefore I was excited to collaborate with Tous and I picked what I thought to be their most unique pieces, according to my personal taste of course!  The ones from that caught my eye the most were theirpieces from their new collection Gala with Spanish blogger Gala Gonzalez. It was instant love, and I have been wearing them on a daily basis, sometimes all together, other days just the watch, some evenings just their beautiful cuff. I love the little rings with the touch of bright and romantic stones, and they are so delicate and subtle just like a summer breeze.


Monnalisa Barcelona

monnalisaOnce again it has been a while, since I have managed to post on the blog! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that Im back in Barcelona enjoying my city, my family and of course the beautiful sunshine, with my babygirl right by my side! I have been here for almost a month, and have had the chance to check out new hotspots which I will of course share on the blog, as well as all the stores, not only for myself but for my babygirl Shirel as well! One of my favorite brands for her is Monnalisa originally from Italy, it’s designs are a mix of classic, with playful touches and nostalgic prints thrown into it. I was invited to the Barcelona Monnalisa store to learn about their new collections, so I could see the pieces first hand and of course share them with you all. I don’t only love their designs but I also am in love with the store’s design, the soul of the brand is beautifully presented in the store with eye catching wallpapers, breath taking armoires, little details in every corner of the store, it makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland every time I enter the store, which is one of the reasons I could not resist their invitation! Here are a few photos of my favorite pieces, hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and I can’t wait to share more, and especially the outfit I picked for Shirel! monnalisaMonnalisaFullSizeRender