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Baby Moon (Part Deux)

Mirrored Ray Bans

Ray Ban

My hubby has finally arrived (we have been enjoying the past two weeks together in Barcelona), which is why I haven’t been posting much on the blog! As well as quite frankly, it’s been a little hectic preparing for the baby, getting heavier by the moment (I’m week 39 today), as well as just enjoying the city, each other, and the family, so time has been flying… Last week I decided to surprise Jeff, and got us a little staycation at Hotel Arts, where we got married, so we could reminisce our wedding/honeymoon, and have our second babymoon. We got to stay in the same room we did after our wedding, and enjoyed every moment by the pool, ate wonderful meals, watched movies in the room, and just disconnected from everything for two days, and enjoyed each other and some serious sleep, since we won’t be doing much of that soon;) Here are some pics…Hotel ArtsHotel ArtsBabymoonBabymoonBrunch BrunchBarcelonahotel arts

Hotel ArtsHotel Artshotel artshotel arts