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White, Blue & Cool

Here are my favorite picks for this Fourth of July, from NastyGal cool, to Asos dresses, and Necessary Clothing’s Americana style!

Rooftop Chillin’

Necessary Clothing dress

Necessary Clothing dress, Le Specs sunglasses, Espadrilles

Necessary Clothing dress

Necessary Clothing dress

Necessary Clothing dress

It is so true that if you can wear tight dresses, skirts, tops while pregnant DO IT, because it is so much more flattering than anything else! But of course it always has to be comfortable, and never too tight on the belly, we don’t want the baby (or us) being uncomfortable! That is why this Necessary Clothing dress is one of my new purchases, and absolutely a life saver. This past weekend, my hubby and I spent the day working on our rooftop, enjoying the sun, the wonderful breeze, and amazing views of the city, I think you can kinda see the views through my Le Specs shades😉

Necessary Clothing dress

Le Specs mirrored sunglasses

Necessary Clothing dress

Es muy cierto que los vestidos ajustados, igual que faldas y tops ajustados, nos quedan muchisimo mejor a las mujeres embarazadas! Y este vestido de Necessary Clothing es la prueba. Las que estais embarazadas, me entendereis, aunque siempre tenemos que ir por las prendas con las que nos sentimos comodas, que sean ajustadas pero que siempre nos dejen respirar bien a nosotras y al bebe;) Este pasado viernes mi marido y yo nos pasamos el dia trabajando en nuestra terraza, con el solecito, la brisa y vistas de la ciudad. Para la ocasion me puse mi nuevo vestidito y mis gafas de Le Specs, que no me las quita nadie!

Necessary Clothing dress

Necessary Clothing dress

Necessary Clothing dress

Black Lace skirt…

photo 3-2

photo 2-4Lace Skirt

We have officially reached hellish temperatures in DC, and that is no picnic when you are 25 weeks pregnant (or even if you’re not pregnant)! Therefore I haven’t been outside much these days, basically hiding under the AC and keeping busy, fixing the house, and other things to keep me occupied! And of course I still have some looks, I wanted to share from my last trip to Miami and stay at the Eden Roc Miami. This was the outfit I wore for my Birthday dinner, as simple basic tank top (with cross back) with a Zara black lace skirt (hugging my curves), and Rachelle Celine jewelry. Don’t mind my crazy hair, as I have mentioned before it is OUT OF CONTROL any time I go to Miami.





Las temperaturas en DC han llegado a niveles de terror, y para una mujer embarazada es oficialmente una pesadilla! Por eso no he salido mucho de casa estos dias, preferiblemente escondiendome de esta calor, ocupandome de la casa, y otras cositas que me entretienen mientras disfruta del aire acondicionado! Pero como no aun tengo algunos looks de mi ultimo viaje a Miami, y aqui teneis el look que me puse para mi cena de cumpleaños! Espero que os guste…






Stripes & Gold

Asos Maternity dress

Does time fly for you guys as fast as it does for me? I am not complaining, on the contrary I cannot wait for September to arrive;) In the meantime I am enjoying the summer weather (before it get’s humid and unbearable). I enjoy dresses, gold accents to my looks, the summer breeze, ice cream, watermelon, outdoor sittings, seeing friends and family, the kicks in my belly that keep getting stronger, and Carbs! Yes I am indulging in carbs, because I (like probably some of you), have been carb deprived since my mid teenage years, so now it’s a carb party for me till this baby arrives:) Which is why I get comfy pieces to wear, like this Asos striped mini bandeau dress, with a touch of summer gold by layering Rachelle Celine’s necklaces and stacking her subtle and romantic rings!

El tiempo se os pasa volando igual que a mi? No es que me queje, al reves no puedo esperar a que llegue Septiembre;)! Por el momento estoy disfrutando al tope del verano (antes de que empieza la humedad de DC). Estoy disfrutando de los vestiditos, accesorios de oro, la brisa del verano, helados, sandilla, terracitas y cafecitos, quedando con amigas, y las patatidas que siento en mi vientre;)! Espero que os guste este look con vestido bandeau de Asos, y joyeria de Rachelle Celine! 


marineroasos3 marineroasos6 marineroasos7


marineroasos8 marineroasos9 marineroasos10

Summer Dreams…



This past weekend was filled with fun and celebrations, it was my 31st birthday and my hubby decided to whisk me away to Miami, for a relaxing babymoon/birthday celebration! We were both so aware that this would be the last time we were going on vacation “just the two of us”, meaning without having to worry about a little one (even if it will be just the two of us, we will always be thinking of our little one wherever we go without her). So as you can imagine it was as romantic as it gets, we stayed at the Eden Roc resort, had breakfast in bed every morning, walked down to the beach, and made it a must to be complete beach bums with ocean view lunches, and beautiful sunsets! I think I was a mermaid in another lifetime;) Regarding this big hat you see, with my pregnancy I have developed some serious sun spot damage (which I like to call my Dalí moustache), and though I wear more than enough sun block on a daily basis, I need more than that to protect my face from the sun! So amongst my many skincare/sun protection products (a must with Miami’s sun) I got this Necessary Clothing hat, which is fantastic for sun block! And while I was shopping for the hat I got a few more pieces (why not?), like these Fiesta Shorts and this romantic tank to complete the look;)

summer dreams


necessaryhat4necessaryhat5necessaryhat6 necessaryhat7