Tourist in my own city

BARCELONABARCELONADon’t we all love to rediscover our city? I know I do, which is why I absolutely love joining forces with other creative outlets and creating fun collaborations, my latest one was with Barcelona Winebar, which is my favourite restaurant in DC. Whenever I am in DC it is the closest I feel to home, I always choose to wine and dine there when out with my girlfriends or for a romantic night out with the hubby. I love their food, their cavas, and the ambience, all of it just top notch and truly embodies Barcelona to it’s fullest. So we decided I would do la turista in Barcelona, while doing a take over on their Instagram account, which meant me going to some of my loved spots in Barcelona, and I say some because there are so many that it would be impossible to pick all of them in just one takeover. So here is my little #HayaTakesBarcelona!PASEO DE GRACIASAGRADA FAMILIA CORTADO SANTA EULALIA BARCELONA LA BOQUERIA



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