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Nirvana lookNirvana lookWhat Im wearing, total look Zadig & Voltaire, White fur coat, Embellished shoulder bag, Nirvana T-Shirt, Trousers, Ankle boots.

These pics were taken a few weeks ago (by my hubby) in DC, when I partnered with Zadig & Voltaire‘s boutique, right in the heart of the city at CitycenterDC! As you saw in my previous posts, they let me pick out my favorite pieces and style them for all of you to see how I would put them together with my very own touch. This look felt so right, with the winter white, and the red NIRVANA, just so perfect and cozy for these Holidays, right? There is something so serene and comforting about white in every season of the year, but even more so when it is cold and snowing outside. At first I thought of picking out some looks filled with glitter, gold, dresses oh so typical and fun for the holidays, but then I thought about it honestly and I am a mother of a 1 year old toddler, and I am traveling around with her non stop (as a matter of fact I am writing right now from my home in Barcelona, and stay tuned for my post on how to travel transatlantic flights with a toddler), I will probably not go to too many parties this year since my bed time is around 10pm these days, and I still don’t know what my NYE plans are, so these looks are for all of you who are on the same boat as me and LOVING it! So for now I say cheers to the cozy and edgy looks we can rock beautifully these holidays, like this Zadig & Voltaire one. 
nirvana looknirvana looknirvana looknirvana looknirvana looknirvana looknirvana lookZadig et Voltaire bagZadig & Voltaire ankle boots