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Lansdowne Resort and Spa

Lansdowne Resort

Lansdowne Resort

A weekend getaway always sounds like the perfect plan for any given weekend to me! Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when the Lansdowne Resort and Spa invited me to experience their newly renovated bedroom(s), and all the fun activities they have going on, like 3 pools, Golf, vineyards (though we couldn’t enjoy these since we we were with Shirel) but we enjoyed every minute at the pool with delicious food and cocktails as you can imagine.. The funny thing was, the moment we arrived at the entrance Jeff realized that we had been here for our friends wedding, this was the first time I ever visited the US and DC, I was 24 and I arrived two days before the wedding weekend! And we had amazing memories there, and we were ready to create new unforgetable memories with Shirel. So the moment we entered in our beautifully redesigned room, we made ourselves coffee, changed into our bathing suits, I of course unpacked (can’t have clothes not hanging for too long hehe), and we headed to the pool with Shirel and the countless water toys Jeff decided to get her that morning at Target. Though there was an adult pool that looked so peaceful and fun, there were two kids/family pools just as cool as the adult ones. We found the perfect corner half shade half sun, and we started spraying sunscreen on Shirel and ourselves, I of course told Jeff to take her to play in the water, and I proceeded to my relax time under the sun (I so needed some vitamin D, as I had been hiding from the sun and heat all summer).

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

We were welcomed with delicious food, and cocktails in a bucket, which I found perfect for the occasion, even though I knew there was no way I could drink even half of it, I did get buzzed which was just what I needed to start my relax weekend! The day just flew by with going in and out of the pool, sipping on the bucket, and running after Shirel, so we packed up showered and headed to the Leesburg Outlets my hubby’s favorite hangout spot, because of their Nike store. Any time we go there I know we need a few good hours, luckily this time he was quick and we found kicks for Shirel, and a few work out goodies for me, and headed back to have dinner at the hotel. Saturday started with a delicious breakfast and beautiful views, and of course we hit the pool again since we had to leave the hotel and head back to DC for an early farewell dinner for one of our friends moving to the West Coast. As you can imagine it was just the same fabulously relaxing time as Friday:) We loved everything about the hotel, not only was the room delightful with amazing views, but the service in the hotel was impecable, everyone was so friendly everything was so clean, and they have so much to offer to families, young couples or just about anyone who is looking to have a relaxing vacation! We were so happy with our stay we wanted to come back the weekend after, but it was a little complicated since it was Labor Day weekend, and also my last weekend in DC before heading back to Barcelona, so I had a lot of people to see and loads to pack. But we will definitely be back at Lansdowne Resort and Spa as soon as we can, especially because I didn’t get to try out their Spa, and I have heard that’s a MUST:)Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

Staycation at the Fairmont Hotel Washington D.C.

Fairmont HotelLast weekend was probably the hottest it’s been since we have been back in DC, and don’t get me wrong it’s been extremely steamy, but I could not have had a better refuge with my hubby and Shirel, than the Fairmont Hotel in Georgetown. When I was first invited to stay at the hotel and experience their newly renovated Gold Floor and Gold Lounge, I was actually in Barcelona, but I made sure to let them know that once I would be back in DC I would love to stay at their beautiful hotel. Little did I know that the Gold Lounge at the Fairmont, equals absolute heaven! They re-designed the whole floor, including the bedrooms and the Gold Lounge, and we absolutely fell in love. Everything we experienced in the hotel was purely delightful, the service could not have been more excellent, the rooms are beautifully designed, so clean, and cozy, with warm colors and complete silence which is what I need when I am staying at a hotel. The bathroom shower has a rain shower, which made me wanna take never ending showers, their soaps and lotions were probably one of the best I have had in a hotel (except Hotel Arts in Barcelona, where they had Aqua di Parma, tough to compete with that one), and the BED I must’ve told my husband a hundred times that I want a bed just like that:) Since we couldn’t go anywhere due to the horrid heat, we just lounged at the Gold Lounge, and the food was just unbelievable, as a guest you get breakfast included, drinks and snack all day, at 5pm they bring out hors d’oeuvres, and at 8pm the desserts come out. What is even better is that every day was a different theme, the first evening it was Spanish style with a sea food Paella and all shorts of cheeses, the second day it was Asian food, Duck buns, Dim Sum, and Sushi, and on Sunday it was American style with a barbecue inspired theme, mini hotdogs, mini burgers, coleslaw, and corn. It wasn’t just delicious, it was so fresh, all their fruits and vegetables, it felt like I was back in Europe. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate so much, and anyone who knows me knows that I love food but I have a small belly which makes me get full quite easily, but here it was just stretching by the minute, and I enjoyed every moment. It goes without saying that every detail in the hotel is so well thought, the employees are just wonderful, always ready to help, with a simple on their face, which doesn’t always happen when you have a toddler running around touching everything throwing things, you know being a kid. This weekend at the Fairmont is just what we needed, a little family staycation, filled with delicious food, and a relaxing ambience. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more from this stay, I shot a few Fall looks at the hotel in partnership with Shop Lynn Louisa, and I cannot wait to share them.Fairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont Hotel GeorgetownFairmont Hotel Fairmont HotelFairmont Hotel GeorgetownFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelShirelFairmont HotelFairmont Hotel GeorgetownFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont Hotel

Discover Barcelona, El Borne (Part 1)

Barcelona El Born

Shop what I’m wearing, Adidas Original’s or similar heredistressed denim, long blazer or long black coat, Chanel bag similar model, in Chanel black or yellow! Photography by Charlotte Van Den Berg

Hola! As some of you might be aware, especially if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t por favor do:) I am back in Barcelona, and have been here for the past month and a half. Since I left in 2011, this city of mine keeps changing and evolving, and every time I come back and spend a few weeks or a few months I just re-discover the city all over again. So I thought why not share it with all of you, and take you on my own private tours of the city’s neighborhoods, where I share my favorite spots, or new places I discovered, or simply places that friends have recommended me about. I usually get one or two emails every week, of friends or friends of friends saying they’re planning a trip to Barcelona and where would I recommend them to stay, or visit, or dine, and I know we have so much information online and on apps, travel guides, etc but it is sometimes a bit overwhelming to filter through all of that information, so I thought for those of you who know me and those who don’t as well I would love to share my Barcelona with you all! To help me with this I have taken on board of this Barcelona ride the most talented photographer and friend Charlotte Van Den Berg!

Mercat Del BornBarcelona guide, GoodGood Gorgeous

Barcelona GoodGood Gorgeous guideBarcelona GoodGood Gorgeous guideThis first tour is of El Born (in Catalan) known as El Borne in Spanish. I chose to start with this charming neighbourhood, because it is where I spent most of my early to mid twenties and have beautiful memories that I made with my husband (then boyfriend) and friends. I lived in London for four years where I went to University, and when I returned to Barcelona I was 22, and El Born had suddenly become the hot spot once a forgotten corner of Barcelona suddenly had the coolest bars, chutes restaurants, charming boutiques and all the young cool kids were to be found. Not much has changed I must say, it still has the same vibe (Im just older haha)! If you are looking for a part of the city that isn’t as crowded as Las Ramblas or as comercial as Paseo de Gracia then this is the place for you. Here is a little preview of some of my favorite places to see in El Born, stay tuned for the second part of my El Born guide coming up,I will be sharing my favorite store, restaurants to go to, and hotels to stay in! I hope you enjoy this little preview!Barcelona Guide, GoodGood GorgeousBarcelona guide, GoodGood GorgeousBarcelona, El BornBarcelona, El Born

Cafés El Magnífico, an iconic coffee spot of Barcelona, if you are a coffee addict you should definitely plan a break from sight seeing right here!Barcelona guide, GoodGood GorgeousCafés el Magnifico, BarcelonaBarcelona guide, GoodGood GorgeousBarcelona guide, GoodGood GorgeousAdidas Original

Traveling in style

airport styleAirport style

Wearing, Sandro Tamara T-Shirt, Zara Jeans, Manebi espadrilles, YSL bag.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, know about my little getaway to Paris to experience for the first time Haute Couture fashion week! But it wasn’t only my first time at Haute Couture, it was also my hubby’s first time in Paris, so that made it twice as special. Our trip was filled with amazing moments, sharing fabulous times with friends, making new ones, seeing beauty in every corner and soaking in as much creativity and beauty as we could. It began on the right track, when Blacklane sent us their classiest black Benz to drive us to the Barcelona airport in style! That definitely changed our experience of traveling at 6am, after a sleepless night, not having to worry about carrying our bags, driving or parking, we loved every moment in that comfy and luxurious car, I mean who wouldn’t want to travel like that right? Which is why we definitely need to thank Blacklane for helping our trip start in the most fabulous way, here are a few pics and as you can see my look was just as comfy and I like to think quite on style. Hope you enjoy it, and if you are planning a trip soon, and need a ride you know where to get one. Stay tuned for Paris Haute Couture in my next posts! Have a fantastic week!

Airport style