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Zaytinya Brunch

ZaytinyaZaytinyaI just like most of you love planning some (if not most) of our weekends around brunch! So naturally when I was invited to try out Zaytinya‘s new brunch, I was more than excited. Zaytinya is one of the first restaurants my husband took me to, back when we were dating and I was visiting him from Barcelona! I loved their food the first time I tried it and still do until today, because I am also a big fan of Jose Andres and his restaurants in DC. So to try out the brunch we invited our friends and their kids, so it was four of us adults and three kids, and everything went absolutely smoothly. For those of you who have kids, you know that not every restaurant is kid friendly, but Zaytinya is, and they have quite a selection of delicious kids plates which made it easier for us. They started by serving us their fresh and warm pita bread (which Shirel couldnt stop munching on), with their different spreads, for an Israeli like me once you bring out the pita and hummus you have won my heart:) From there on the feast began with delicously fried eggplants, to seared salmon that literally melted in my mouth like butter, a falafel salad (I never say no to falafel) and shish taouk grilled chicken with veggies which was tasty to perfection! The food isn’t the only magical element to Zaytinya, the space itself is magical with an amazing high ceiling, with huge windows and a natural light that instantly changes your mood, add to that the design elements and you have the perfect atmosphere to spend a Sunday brunch with your friends and family! ZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinya