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Barcelona days…

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The countdown has officially begun for me (Im 35 weeks), as I am less than five weeks away from my due date! So many emotions and feelings creep up on a daily basis (if not on an hourly basis), those of you who have been pregnant, or are at the moment, you get it right? Luckily I am back home in Barcelona, with my family and friends, and have all the support in the world, the only missing piece is my hubby, who will be joining me next week! So that´s a shorter countdown, one week and he is here, which gives us time to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary as well as enjoy a little us time before our baby girl joins our little family… The days seem to go by slowly, because well I am way heavier, it is way too hot, and as you can imagine these last weeks are tougher in every way. And as I´ve mentioned before, the only thing I can manage to wear are maxi dresses, my Havaïanas, and that is all, it blows my mind when I see pregnant women that fit into anything at the end of their pregnancies, it´s impressive, but I am definitely not one of those women (swollen is my new nickname)… Therefore as I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to splurge on bags, and especially pick ones that are comfortable (not too heavy), and will be great to carry around when I have a baby in my arms or am carrying a stroller. So I picked the Stella Mccartney Falabella bag, and cannot wear any other bag at the moment, definitely a great buy! And well I cannot wait till I get my hands on more bags I have eyed;) Wishing you all a great weekend, and hopefully I will get to post a few more times before life gets busier… Stella McCartney, Falabella bagStyle the Bump

Girl Boss


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Nothing says Girl Boss louder than a body hugging black maxi dress with a sexy leg slit😉 I am sure I have stated this before, but there is something a bit liberating that comes with this pregnancy, and I feel so much more at ease with wearing tight, curve hugging dresses that I for some reason did not feel comfortable wearing pre pregnancy! This dress works for anyone though, if you are or aren’t pregnant, you always need a black maxi dress with a little side slit;)





Memorial Day fun…


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Maxi dress

Maxi Dress

I hope all of you have had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I know I always enjoy when it’s a long weekend and I get to spend it with my hubby, family and friends! We decided to tag along with our friends Annapolis trip, any chance I have to go there I take it, it’s such a wonderful city, right by the bay, with tons of outdoor activities, and charming little cafés and restaurants.We ended up going to Blackwall Hills for a delicious lunch on their beautifully designed rooftop (where I fell in love with their black & white umbrellas), this restaurant is just stunning, every little detail, if any of you are planning a trip to Annapolis you must go there! Hope you like this easy/breezy look I put together, with this pregnancy all I’ve been wearing are dresses, and this Necessary Clothing maxi dress is one of my favorites!


Necessaryclothingdress10Necessaryclothingdress7Blackwall HitchNecessaryclothingdress4Necessaryclothingdress5