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Lansdowne Resort and Spa

Lansdowne Resort

Lansdowne Resort

A weekend getaway always sounds like the perfect plan for any given weekend to me! Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when the Lansdowne Resort and Spa invited me to experience their newly renovated bedroom(s), and all the fun activities they have going on, like 3 pools, Golf, vineyards (though we couldn’t enjoy these since we we were with Shirel) but we enjoyed every minute at the pool with delicious food and cocktails as you can imagine.. The funny thing was, the moment we arrived at the entrance Jeff realized that we had been here for our friends wedding, this was the first time I ever visited the US and DC, I was 24 and I arrived two days before the wedding weekend! And we had amazing memories there, and we were ready to create new unforgetable memories with Shirel. So the moment we entered in our beautifully redesigned room, we made ourselves coffee, changed into our bathing suits, I of course unpacked (can’t have clothes not hanging for too long hehe), and we headed to the pool with Shirel and the countless water toys Jeff decided to get her that morning at Target. Though there was an adult pool that looked so peaceful and fun, there were two kids/family pools just as cool as the adult ones. We found the perfect corner half shade half sun, and we started spraying sunscreen on Shirel and ourselves, I of course told Jeff to take her to play in the water, and I proceeded to my relax time under the sun (I so needed some vitamin D, as I had been hiding from the sun and heat all summer).

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

We were welcomed with delicious food, and cocktails in a bucket, which I found perfect for the occasion, even though I knew there was no way I could drink even half of it, I did get buzzed which was just what I needed to start my relax weekend! The day just flew by with going in and out of the pool, sipping on the bucket, and running after Shirel, so we packed up showered and headed to the Leesburg Outlets my hubby’s favorite hangout spot, because of their Nike store. Any time we go there I know we need a few good hours, luckily this time he was quick and we found kicks for Shirel, and a few work out goodies for me, and headed back to have dinner at the hotel. Saturday started with a delicious breakfast and beautiful views, and of course we hit the pool again since we had to leave the hotel and head back to DC for an early farewell dinner for one of our friends moving to the West Coast. As you can imagine it was just the same fabulously relaxing time as Friday:) We loved everything about the hotel, not only was the room delightful with amazing views, but the service in the hotel was impecable, everyone was so friendly everything was so clean, and they have so much to offer to families, young couples or just about anyone who is looking to have a relaxing vacation! We were so happy with our stay we wanted to come back the weekend after, but it was a little complicated since it was Labor Day weekend, and also my last weekend in DC before heading back to Barcelona, so I had a lot of people to see and loads to pack. But we will definitely be back at Lansdowne Resort and Spa as soon as we can, especially because I didn’t get to try out their Spa, and I have heard that’s a MUST:)Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort