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Louis Moinet Memoris watch

This month was full of birthdays, starting with my babygirl’s first birthday, and my hobby’s 34th the day after! And every year, I struggle to find him a gift that will rock his world, he is very picky especially when it comes to his own style, and well honestly I still haven’t found him that perfect gift, but I’d like to think that the surprise trip I planned to Ibiza was also his birthday gift! So while researching online, I found this beautiful Louis Monet Memoris watch, which is the first chronograph watch in history. Unfortunately it isn’t a watch I can afford (not yet, one has got to keep dreaming), but knowing him and how he loves watches and their complex designs, I knew he would absolutely fall in love with, and I was right as I showed him videos and photos of the watch, he fell head over heels with it, and so it might not be his 34h birthday gift but I am keeping it in the back of my head as possibly a gift for one his near future birthdays (maybe on his 40th ?). This unique and timeless watch truly stands out and says I love you in so many ways, and I thought it only appropriate to share it with all of you in case one of your loved ones birthday is coming up, or an anniversary, the holidays are just around the corner, with the hopes that this will help you find and pick that perfect gift for him.Memoris Louis Moinet