Sleepy Sunday! Look at that Gallery

Sleepy Sunday GGG(All images are taken from Pinterest)

The idea of a gallery wall in your home, or design space is not a new idea. Not a new idea at all, but still a great one.  Pinterest is always flooded with gallery wall pictures, so GGG grabbed some of our favorite pins for you guys to take a look. Our favorite reason for still loving gallery walls is that it is such an easy way to show your personality through design.  Your gallery wall could consist of personal family photos, uplifting quotes, prints of artists’ works and more. This mysterious, moon print art from Urban would be great for a gallery wall in the bedroom.  Sleepy Sunday GGG This brings us to our next reason of why we love gallery walls, they can be used in almost every design space. Perfect for a bedroom, office, living room or that random wall in your house that you just don’t know what to do with. This dramatic painting from Jonathan Adler would look great for a living room, pair it next to an old black and white family photo for the start of a great gallery wall. Having a gallery wall lets you get super creative too, we love the idea of framing a map of your home city, or state. Look at  these ones at West Elm to find your city. Don’t think that your wall has to be all pictures and prints though! Placing a mirror in the middle of your gallery adds great effect, we love this teardrop one at Crate&Barrel.  We hope you have been enjoying, and gathering inspiration from these Sleepy Sunday posts as much as we have! If once a week isn’t enough, head to GGG Pinterest for more inspiration! xxSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGG

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