Sleepy Sunday! Halloween Inspirations

Halloween is always a love it or hate it holiday for people. Some people scrounge at the tackiness, while others go all out for costume and decorations. Halloween doesn’t always have to be tacky though, there’s plenty of ways to get your home feeling spooky without resorting to awful taste. It can be as simple as adding in a little bit moodier and darker colors to your space, colors such as black, purple, burgundy and mustard. You can do that with some different pillows, we like this deep purple pillow from Target, or this spooky skull pillow from Etsy. Speaking of skulls…. Skulls are a perfect (and bad ass) way to add the Halloween touch to your space. We love these little skulls, you can place them on night stands, bureaus, or have it be part of a center piece. A lot of our below Halloween chic inspo have tall candle holders on tables, we like these mercury glass one’s form Pier 1. Long candle sticks create the old fashioned, creepy chic look, a look that is more than acceptable during Halloween.  You don’t need to do flashing orange and purple lights to get in the Halloween spirit. Although the line for tackiness is thin for Halloween, with attention to detail and the right colors, you can make your home be the chicest spot for a Hocus Pocus watch party. Don’t these Pinterest inspiration pics make you want to have a Halloween dinner party? Or is that just us? For more inspo, and to see all of our other interests, head to the GGG Pinterest! Happy Halloween 😉

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