Summer Gems by Tous

TousSummer time is one of my absolute favourite moments to take out all my Jewelry and wear it, since I am showing more skin, I can easily adorn it with more golden gems. Therefore I was excited to collaborate with Tous and I picked what I thought to be their most unique pieces, according to my personal taste of course!  The ones from that caught my eye the most were theirpieces from their new collection Gala with Spanish blogger Gala Gonzalez. It was instant love, and I have been wearing them on a daily basis, sometimes all together, other days just the watch, some evenings just their beautiful cuff. I love the little rings with the touch of bright and romantic stones, and they are so delicate and subtle just like a summer breeze.


Monnalisa Barcelona

monnalisaOnce again it has been a while, since I have managed to post on the blog! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that Im back in Barcelona enjoying my city, my family and of course the beautiful sunshine, with my babygirl right by my side! I have been here for almost a month, and have had the chance to check out new hotspots which I will of course share on the blog, as well as all the stores, not only for myself but for my babygirl Shirel as well! One of my favorite brands for her is Monnalisa originally from Italy, it’s designs are a mix of classic, with playful touches and nostalgic prints thrown into it. I was invited to the Barcelona Monnalisa store to learn about their new collections, so I could see the pieces first hand and of course share them with you all. I don’t only love their designs but I also am in love with the store’s design, the soul of the brand is beautifully presented in the store with eye catching wallpapers, breath taking armoires, little details in every corner of the store, it makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland every time I enter the store, which is one of the reasons I could not resist their invitation! Here are a few photos of my favorite pieces, hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and I can’t wait to share more, and especially the outfit I picked for Shirel! monnalisaMonnalisaFullSizeRender



Clarins Eclat Minute lip balm

Clarins Eclat Minute  Time flies with a new baby at home, when I am not preparing bottles, changing diapers or putting her to nap, I have just enough time to do what I used to take for granted before, such as take a shower, go grocery shopping, and everything else that seems as a given pre baby:) But this new life that is still taking a bit of time to grasp and accept as my new normal, has become so much more amazing because of my little baby girl! Despite limited time as I have mentioned, I am slowly trying to get my rythm back, and go to a few beauty events, such as the amazing Clarins Spring Beauty event I was invited to! We had the chance to learn about their new beauty spring collection, as well as their amazing skincare, so get ready to learn about all these amazing products they so kindly gifted me to try out and I am delightfully enjoying! My favourite lip potion is definitely their Eclat Minute lip balm perfector, as it is deliciously glides on my lips (seriously tastes amazing), it moisturizes your lips, and gives you a beautiful natural shine. I have been using all three colors, and I apply them alone, or over a lipstick (I love mixing colors, and textures when it comes to my lips). This lip balm is definitely going into my handbag this spring, it is that perfect beauty product that adds a little shine, and a pop of subtle colour to my every day look! I totally recommend Eclat Minute by Clarins as your must Spring beauty item.Clarins Eclat Minute Clarins Eclat Minute

Gift ideas for Him

Today it hit me, next Saturday it’s Valentine’s Day! Yes I know you were all more aware of it, since we are being reminded of it every day everywhere we look, and I have been aware that it was almost February 14th, but with my baby girl I really forget to look at the date, and keep up with the days! My clock and time just runs around her feeding, changing and napping times (in between I manage to squeeze baby yoga time, baby music class, and of course story time;). But yes today I realised I need to find the right gift for Jeff, and I am sure just like me many of you need to find a gift for the man in your life! Here are some of my favourite selections for him, and throughout the week I will keep posting ideas and Pinning ideas on my Be My Valentine board! 

8 Affordable, Biker Leather Jackets from Asos

If you are anything like me, you cannot quite find that perfect leather jacket, there is always something wrong, either it doesn’t fit how you want it to fit, the leather feels too plastic like (assuming it isn’t real leather), the pockets stick out too much, it’s too expensive for it’s quality, and the list goes on and on (now you can kind of get how picky I am). Therefore I can never find the right leather jacket (except the amazingly expensive Balenciaga ones, always so perfect), which is why I have set as one of my (many) goals for 2015 to finally find and buy “MY” perfect leather jacket, in the process of doing so I will of course share some of my findings:) So here are a few I found on, most of them are under $100!