Zadig & Voltaire

Holiday StyleLook by Zadig & Voltaire, V neck Nosfa sweater, Alabama Bords hat, Pomelo pants, XS Candide Bag, Sneakers 

The Holiday season has officially begun, I took a quick trip to Target yesterday to get random things I needed , and suddenly the aisles that were filled with Halloween costumes, and candy have turned into all sparkly, red, white and green Christmas tones! I know Halloween was over a week ago, but it still hand’t really hit me, because we had spring like weather until now, but yes we are headed into December very soon, and the crazy fun Holiday memories are just around the corner. Which is why I have partnered with Zadig & Voltaire’s boutique in City Center DC, to show you my favorite pieces for the Holiday and colder days to come. Zadig & Voltaire is one of my favorite brands, I love not only their designs, and brand essence, but the quality and cut of their garments. Every piece I tried on seemed to perfectly mold into my body shape, and trust me I do not have an easy body shape (Im sure most of you know what Im talking about), I have a tiny waist, wide hips, and not such long legs, (thankfully I have a full head of thick wavy hair)! So that combination can be very tricky when trying on clothes and shopping, not to say absolutely furstrating at times. But with this brand, I have learned that their garments fit beautifully, their cashmere sweaters, their sexy yet basic tees, their coats, and even their pants, though some of them do fit quite small (but they esqueje everything into place, I love that). Their rocker yet city vibe is so perfect for winter looks, because I feel like I need a tougher look for winter days, so I can fight through the cold. This is my first look, which is very casual and laid back, and the accesorios definitely add a spark to it, I hope you enjoy this look! Holiday styleHoliday styleHoliday styleHoliday styleHoliday styleHoliday LookHoliday styleHoliday style

Alpha Woman

Fall StyleWhat I’m wearing, Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket, Sandro tank top, Madewell Sweater Skirt, Steve Madden heels, Saint Laurent bag

Who from the 90’s didn’t wear a bomber jacket and Doc Martins to school? I know I did, and I know I loved every minute and absolutely thought I was the coolest kid around! Which is why wearing this Alpha Industries bomber jacket makes me feel like that cool kid all over again, don’t you guys love that feeling when you wear a garment and it instantly takes you back in time, yet it’s a better version of you (and the garment of course). What makes it better is its fit, cut, and the fact that it is reversible and then voila you have a bright fluorescent orange bomber, perfect for that moment you feel a little more daring and edgy. (I am seriously thinking of getting it in olive green too). It is also inevitable not to pare this jacket with cute heels, and a pencil skirt like this Madewell one, it is the obvious way to instantly turn the whole look into a more feminine and sexy one. My husband loved that I wore this for our date night, and guess what? Now he wants to get the same jacket, it happens quite a lot we end buying the same sneakers, or jackets, and sometimes without even realizing it we will walk out of our door wearing the exact same thing! I love how that happens. Fall Style Fall StyleSunsetFall styleFall StyleFall StyleSunsetFall StyleFall Style

The Perfect Scarf Cape

Fall StyleWhat I’m wearing, Madewell Cape Scarf, Flying Monkey destroyed denim, Lulu’s bare shoulder body top similar by Asos, , Madewell Mira heels, Louis Vuitton bag.

Madewell has become one of my favorite US brands, I really love not only their designs, but the quality that they are so meticulous about. There are many garments from their new collection I would love to have in my closet, but alas I have to show some self control (I have a babygirl now, so Im not only shopping for myself anymore). My absolute favorite pieces, are this Cape Scarf, and the Mira heels, as you can see I have worn these heels quite a lot this Fall. But this scarf, has stolen my heart, I love that I can wear basic pieces, and throw this scarf on and it just transforms my look into much more, even on a Monday morning stroll with my babygirl, or sipping on my coffee at Room11! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, besos and have a great weekend! (Shirel cracks me up as you can see)

Fall StyleBaby GirlFall StyleFall StyleFall StyleFall Style

Casual Fall Style

Casual Style

What Im wearing, Madewell sweater, Asos denim, Native Shoes Apolo, Saint Lauren bag 

There are endless unique spots in DC, and definitely loads to see and learn in this cultured city, but I have always felt like resides Georgetown there was a need for a downtown shopping area with high end boutiques, and City Center has definitely added this to the city! For me it is also perfect, as it is walking distance from my place (40 minutes mas o menos) which is fantastic, I get a little cardio and (window) shopping. Besides shops such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, or Zadig & Voltaire, there are also cute coffee spots like Dolcezza and Rare Sweets, and amazing restaurants such as Fig & Olive or La Centrolina. Soon Dior and Gucci will be opening their doors, and the absolutely delicious Momofoku and Milk, CANT WAIT! So now you know where to find me, sipping on coffee, eating some sweets while taking a break from serious shopping.Casual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleCasual Fall StyleChevrolet Impala

Louis Moinet Memoris watch

This month was full of birthdays, starting with my babygirl’s first birthday, and my hobby’s 34th the day after! And every year, I struggle to find him a gift that will rock his world, he is very picky especially when it comes to his own style, and well honestly I still haven’t found him that perfect gift, but I’d like to think that the surprise trip I planned to Ibiza was also his birthday gift! So while researching online, I found this beautiful Louis Monet Memoris watch, which is the first chronograph watch in history. Unfortunately it isn’t a watch I can afford (not yet, one has got to keep dreaming), but knowing him and how he loves watches and their complex designs, I knew he would absolutely fall in love with, and I was right as I showed him videos and photos of the watch, he fell head over heels with it, and so it might not be his 34h birthday gift but I am keeping it in the back of my head as possibly a gift for one his near future birthdays (maybe on his 40th ?). This unique and timeless watch truly stands out and says I love you in so many ways, and I thought it only appropriate to share it with all of you in case one of your loved ones birthday is coming up, or an anniversary, the holidays are just around the corner, with the hopes that this will help you find and pick that perfect gift for him.Memoris Louis Moinet