Sleepy Sunday! Bathroom Goals

Sleepy Sunday GGG(All images are taken from Pinterest)

Your bathroom.  Sometimes the only place where you can find me time, the place where relaxation can be at its peak as you soak in a hot bath. Even though most bathrooms are small spaces, they don’t have to be boring places. Recently we have seen the bathroom design has gotten extremely creative, as it should be! If you’re going to take a nice, long bath after a tiring day then your space should be one that you love to look at. We love the new trend of having bar carts in your bathroom. Not only are they perfect for storage, but they are unique and give you space to put decorative things. We love this one from World Market, or this one from Target. These bar carts would be great for storing some beautiful towels like these from H&M. You can also use your bathroom bar cart to hold some bathroom accessories. Not only are bar carts a great bathroom trend, but might as well get funky with the wall paper! This wall paper from West Elm is so amazing. Not only would it be memorable for any guests you entertain, but it would create such an amazing atmosphere. If this post doesn’t inspire you to change up your bathroom design, we hope it at least inspires you to treat yourself to a nice bubble bath. For more interior design inspo head to GGG Pinterest! xxSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGGss_bathroom_instagram-comSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGG

Amira Training Club

Amira Training ClubTaking care of my body has always been such a huge part of my daily habits, and routine. I started practicing Yoga and Pilates at the age of 23, I practiced dance and did as much cardio as I could get (most of the time spending two to three hours). I had a lot of time to take care of myself, that I now don’t have anymore, since I am a mother. I have tried getting back into the swing of things, from time to time going to Zumba classes, or some boot camp classes (where I actually hurt myself the last time I went). Which is why when I heard of Amira Training Club once I got back to Barcelona, I couldn’t resist but going. I had tried Barre a few years ago in DC, but I never really got into it. Amira has a way to inspire you in her classes, not only because of her incredible dancen’s body, and the way she lifts her legs with such grace and ease (I definitely look anything but graceful, but slowly getting there). Ever since I have started taking her classes, I feel stronger, more agile, lighter, and simply motivated to take care of my mind body and soul. It sin’t just the technique, it is everything about the space as well, big windows with natural light, greenery when you look at the beautiful courtyard, the other women who are making time to come into the classes and do something positive for themselves, the other classes such as Zumba, or Pilates, but still my favorite is Fitness Ballet with Amira. If you are in Barcelona please try out one of Amira’s classes, and tell me if you do! I will keep posting more about it! Till then I hope you enjoy these few photos… Amira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training Club

Sleepy Sunday! Halloween Inspirations

Halloween is always a love it or hate it holiday for people. Some people scrounge at the tackiness, while others go all out for costume and decorations. Halloween doesn’t always have to be tacky though, there’s plenty of ways to get your home feeling spooky without resorting to awful taste. It can be as simple as adding in a little bit moodier and darker colors to your space, colors such as black, purple, burgundy and mustard. You can do that with some different pillows, we like this deep purple pillow from Target, or this spooky skull pillow from Etsy. Speaking of skulls…. Skulls are a perfect (and bad ass) way to add the Halloween touch to your space. We love these little skulls, you can place them on night stands, bureaus, or have it be part of a center piece. A lot of our below Halloween chic inspo have tall candle holders on tables, we like these mercury glass one’s form Pier 1. Long candle sticks create the old fashioned, creepy chic look, a look that is more than acceptable during Halloween.  You don’t need to do flashing orange and purple lights to get in the Halloween spirit. Although the line for tackiness is thin for Halloween, with attention to detail and the right colors, you can make your home be the chicest spot for a Hocus Pocus watch party. Don’t these Pinterest inspiration pics make you want to have a Halloween dinner party? Or is that just us? For more inspo, and to see all of our other interests, head to the GGG Pinterest! Happy Halloween 😉

Jo Malone, City Center DC

Jo MaloneJo MaloneIt’s been a minute since I got a chance to post on the blog! I guess I can never say it enough times, I wish I had more hours in a day, honestly, the days start and then before I manage to do half of what I planned it’s 4pm and I have to pick up Shirel from daycare! Once I pick her up, that’s it I’m on mom mode and I don’t work and try to be as less as possible on my phone/laptop, so i can dedicate my time to her, and enjoy it until I put her to sleep. Once she is asleep I get to do more work, but lately I have been falling asleep with her:) I guess what Im saying is that I just like all mothers am on permanent exhausted mode where sometimes Id rather sleep than stare at a laptop, does that sound familiar? But I have been wanting to share with you guys how amazing my Jo Malone experience was at their City Center DC boutique. I absolutely fell in love with everything Jo Malone, I entered their world with no way out. Jo MaloneJo MaloneJo MaloneJo Malone, City Center DCThe interior design, the packaging, the details, the fragrances, the candles, and of course the hand treatment I received was just magical. I couldn’t get enough of the different frangrances, and the beautiful philosophy of the brand, how loyal it is to it’s London roots, to elegance and grace, because you feel it in every detail. I lived in London for 4 years, and walking into that store I just felt transported back to the city! Jo Malone is truly a brand that lives up to it’s word, quality and it’s fame. Stay tuned for my next post where I will share my favorite products of Jo Malone, which I seriously cannot live without on a daily basis! I will also visit their Barcelona store, so stay tuned for that! For now I hope you enjoy the snaps I took of the store, and if you want to surprise a loved one, or treat them simply because they derserve I recommend Jo Malone’s hand treatment! They let you pick your favorite scents, and use the lotions, essential oils, and their amazing body scrubs, it is an absolute treat, for yourself as well! Jo MaloneJo Malone Jo MaloneJo MaloneJo MaloneJo Malone

Sleepy Sunday! Look at that Gallery

Sleepy Sunday GGG(All images are taken from Pinterest)

The idea of a gallery wall in your home, or design space is not a new idea. Not a new idea at all, but still a great one.  Pinterest is always flooded with gallery wall pictures, so GGG grabbed some of our favorite pins for you guys to take a look. Our favorite reason for still loving gallery walls is that it is such an easy way to show your personality through design.  Your gallery wall could consist of personal family photos, uplifting quotes, prints of artists’ works and more. This mysterious, moon print art from Urban would be great for a gallery wall in the bedroom.  Sleepy Sunday GGG This brings us to our next reason of why we love gallery walls, they can be used in almost every design space. Perfect for a bedroom, office, living room or that random wall in your house that you just don’t know what to do with. This dramatic painting from Jonathan Adler would look great for a living room, pair it next to an old black and white family photo for the start of a great gallery wall. Having a gallery wall lets you get super creative too, we love the idea of framing a map of your home city, or state. Look at  these ones at West Elm to find your city. Don’t think that your wall has to be all pictures and prints though! Placing a mirror in the middle of your gallery adds great effect, we love this teardrop one at Crate&Barrel.  We hope you have been enjoying, and gathering inspiration from these Sleepy Sunday posts as much as we have! If once a week isn’t enough, head to GGG Pinterest for more inspiration! xxSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGGSleepy Sunday GGG