The perfect sweaters from ASOS

Winter is here with full force for those of us living in the East Coast!! And that gives ME loads of time with my baby girl at home, and browsing online (when she lets me have some free time;)! So I decided to use up my free time to check out my favourite online stores, find my favourite picks, and share them with all of you on a weekly basis! Hope you enjoy this round up of my top sweaters from ASOS, I chose a variety from sexy sweaters, to capes and fringes! Who said sweaters have to be boring???… Stay Warm!

Rent The Runway

Monique Lhuiller gown When I realised New Years Eve was just a few days away and I had absolutely nothing in my closet that fit me ( I went from size 0 or 2 depending on the clothes to size 6), I knew shopping for a new dress was not worth it at the moment since I am planning to shed some pounds (hopefully sooner than later, but chocolate is my best friend at the moment), so I decided to get on Rent The Runway and find a dress (or two) to have as an option if we decided to attent a party or event (at the end we went to a house party, with all of our friends and their kids, there were kids in every corner, which was so much fun but also made me realise that this was the scene for the next few years). So my pick was this stunning J’adore Monique L’huillier gown, I knew that the shape, the fabric and of course the colours would hug my curves to perfection, and make me feel comfortable in my new body! To add the final touches I decided to style it with these vintage pearl earrings (my mom’s), and my Saint Laurent clutch. Hope you like this gorgeous gown, and if you are looking for a timeless look for any upcoming event do not hesitate, Rent The Runway has the perfect dress for you;)

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier gown

Pearl earrings

Monique Lhuillier gown

New Year, New Life…


YES, I know I have been m.i.a for a few good months, but I do have a wonderful excuse, as on October 6th 2014 (a day before her papi’s birthday) I became a mother of a little angel baby girl named Shirel! Her name means God’s poem in Hebrew, which her cousins picked out for her, combining both their names (Shiraz + Daniel= Shirel)! As you can imagine these few months have been literally an emotional (and phyisical) roller coaster, never in my life could I have been prepared for what was about to come, yes I’ve had 9 months to prepare and loads of amazing advice from family and friends, and even strangers! But nothing prepares you for all these mixed feelings coming at you all at once, the ups and downs, of course it helped so much to have my family around me, to be home in Barcelona and having my husband’s support and help at all times. So you might be asking what is it you feel? It’s difficult to put into words, I will try though… Joy yet sadness, pain yet happiness, exhaustion yet ecstatic, fury yet love, hope yet nothingness… And so it goes on, and the thing is you are feeling like that about everything and everyone around you, including yourself, and that first moment you see yourself in the mirror after it all (not to mention all the other first moments that are happening on a daily basis), guess what you don’t recognize the person staring back at you, and it is kind of eye opening, because you know that it is you but it is most definitely a new you, a you that you will come to know, understand, respect and love, because you have just added a new layer to your skin, now you are not just a daughter, sister, wife, friend, you have also become a mother to a new life who is your daughter, who herself will become someone’s sister, friend and someday wife… And so it goes on, like a full circle! And though no one and nothing could’ve prepared me, just one smile from her one look and it IS all SO WORTH IT!  So yes this is definitely a different kind of post, and a different side to my blog, and just like my life has changed and evolved so will GoodGood Gorgeous, because it is inevitable, and I hope you will all enjoy it! Today Shirel turned 3 months, and those early days of motherhood seem so far away, I get to see her discover the world one day at a time, and she is such a happy and smiley baby which melts my heart! I tell Jeff (my husband) every day, that she is my best friend:)! Here are a few photographs summarizing the past few months, from Barcelona to London, and finally DC. Stay tuned this week as I share my London look, and my Rent The Runway look…



Baby Moon (Part Deux)

Mirrored Ray Bans

Ray Ban

My hubby has finally arrived (we have been enjoying the past two weeks together in Barcelona), which is why I haven’t been posting much on the blog! As well as quite frankly, it’s been a little hectic preparing for the baby, getting heavier by the moment (I’m week 39 today), as well as just enjoying the city, each other, and the family, so time has been flying… Last week I decided to surprise Jeff, and got us a little staycation at Hotel Arts, where we got married, so we could reminisce our wedding/honeymoon, and have our second babymoon. We got to stay in the same room we did after our wedding, and enjoyed every moment by the pool, ate wonderful meals, watched movies in the room, and just disconnected from everything for two days, and enjoyed each other and some serious sleep, since we won’t be doing much of that soon;) Here are some pics…Hotel ArtsHotel ArtsBabymoonBabymoonBrunch BrunchBarcelonahotel arts

Hotel ArtsHotel Artshotel artshotel arts

Three Year Wedding Anniversary

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul”Barcelona WeddingThree years have gone by, like the blink of an eye, today marks our 3 years of marriage, and soon September will also mark the birth of our little baby girl. So we can truly view this month as our lucky one! I love going through our wedding album, and every time I do I fall in love all over again with our day (eventhough I always tell my hubby we will have another wedding party for our 5th anniversary;). It is truly a challenge to put into words, not only how lucky I feel, but also our road to today, to how our love and relationship has blossomed, from being two young dreamers to growing together as friends, lovers, and becoming the family that we are. I look back at our relationship as a story, one that has endured many struggles, has broken many boundaries both cultural and religious, but has always stayed strong like a rock! Along the way there was always a bond, love, joy, friendship, loyalty, patience, understanding, tolerance and mutual respect! Here I share some of our wedding photographs shot by the talented Dominique Fierro, in Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Barcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona Wedding Barcelona Wedding

Barcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingFlower GirlsBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona WeddingBarcelona Wedding