8 Affordable, Biker Leather Jackets from Asos

If you are anything like me, you cannot quite find that perfect leather jacket, there is always something wrong, either it doesn’t fit how you want it to fit, the leather feels too plastic like (assuming it isn’t real leather), the pockets stick out too much, it’s too expensive for it’s quality, and the list goes on and on (now you can kind of get how picky I am). Therefore I can never find the right leather jacket (except the amazingly expensive Balenciaga ones, always so perfect), which is why I have set as one of my (many) goals for 2015 to finally find and buy “MY” perfect leather jacket, in the process of doing so I will of course share some of my findings:) So here are a few I found on Asos.com, most of them are under $100!

Sandro Clarisse silk blouse

Sandro Clarisse Blouse

These days as you can all see I have been able to get just enough time to sit in front of my laptop, and post a little more than I have in the past few months! And I can’t even put down in words how fantastic it feels, because in a way it means that I am slowly gaining more control of my day to day schedule, and I am figuring out this whole mommy thing with Shirel in little baby steps! Another thing I am still trying to figure out is my style post pregnancy;) And one of my favourite brands Sandro, has been my to go to for their beautiful silk blouses, that fit beautifully on my body and don’t accentuate my not so big yet not yet flat belly. The best thing about this Clarisse blouse is that it’s timeless, meaning I will wear it now, as well as when I am back to my normal body (let’s hope that’s sooner than later). Hope you like it just as much as I do, these photos were taken in beautiful sunny Barcelona at one of my favorite spots, San Telmo which was right around our place! San Telmo BarcelonaSandro Clarisse BlouseSandro Clarisse BlouseSaint Laurent clutch

Chantecaille Lip Potion

Chantecaille Lip Potion

As a new mother I barely have time to take care of myself, let’s face it, I have to take care of this little angel who needs me every minute of the day and I am not complaining because she makes it fun! But I have had moments of realisation that I must do little things to take care of myself, and mostly it’s when you hear it from other people! Yesterday I went to Neiman Marcus in search of a Tom Ford lipstick (that will be my next beauty post), and the sales assistant looked at me and politely asked me, “do you have a lip balm or cream? Let’s get you that before we get you the lipstick…” At that very moment I looked at myself in the mirror, and YES she was very right my lips looked like they have aged, between this cold, and me putting on lipstick on top of lipstick and never taking a moment to care for them. I seriously don’t remember when the last time was I put on lip balm! She quickly came back with this Chantecaille Lip Potion, and made me try a little bit on my lips, and it felt like I had put magic on my lips, I didn’t even ask how much it costs, it was a quick “I’ll take it”. So ladies if you are looking to spoil your lips, and protect them from these cold days, and all that lipstick that dries them out, this is the lip balm you need! My lips instantly felt moisturized and soft.

Chantecaille Lip Potion

The perfect sweaters from ASOS

Winter is here with full force for those of us living in the East Coast!! And that gives ME loads of time with my baby girl at home, and browsing online (when she lets me have some free time;)! So I decided to use up my free time to check out my favourite online stores, find my favourite picks, and share them with all of you on a weekly basis! Hope you enjoy this round up of my top sweaters from ASOS, I chose a variety from sexy sweaters, to capes and fringes! Who said sweaters have to be boring???… Stay Warm!

Rent The Runway

Monique Lhuiller gown When I realised New Years Eve was just a few days away and I had absolutely nothing in my closet that fit me ( I went from size 0 or 2 depending on the clothes to size 6), I knew shopping for a new dress was not worth it at the moment since I am planning to shed some pounds (hopefully sooner than later, but chocolate is my best friend at the moment), so I decided to get on Rent The Runway and find a dress (or two) to have as an option if we decided to attent a party or event (at the end we went to a house party, with all of our friends and their kids, there were kids in every corner, which was so much fun but also made me realise that this was the scene for the next few years). So my pick was this stunning J’adore Monique L’huillier gown, I knew that the shape, the fabric and of course the colours would hug my curves to perfection, and make me feel comfortable in my new body! To add the final touches I decided to style it with these vintage pearl earrings (my mom’s), and my Saint Laurent clutch. Hope you like this gorgeous gown, and if you are looking for a timeless look for any upcoming event do not hesitate, Rent The Runway has the perfect dress for you;)

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier gown

Pearl earrings

Monique Lhuillier gown