Downtown Alexandria with my Chevy

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I’m Haya a Georgian/Israeli girl, living between Barcelona and DC. GoodGoodGorgeous is my virtual diary about fashion, friends, travels, and other things that inspire me and keep me busy. Feel free to write to me in Spanish, English, French, Dutch, and Hebrew! all photos are taken by my hubby, and sometimes dear friends and family!


What I’m wearing, Nike Legendary Capris, Nike Tanktop, Native shoes

By now I should’ve been writing to you all from Barcelona, while sipping a cortado and enjoying the amazing weather that usually embaraces us around this time of year in my city. Unfortunately that didm’t happen, since Lufthansa has major caben crew strikes, and I wasn’t let on my flight due to that, I must say that the last few trips I have taken from DC to Barcelona there is always something that just has to happen when we travel! So always looking on the positive note (though I spent one day without leaving the house in utter most sad mode, since it was grey and rainy, to match my mood) we get to spend more time with my hubby, friends and family. Rewinding to the weekend before I was supposed to fly out, we decided to take a mini trip to Downtown Alexandria since I had never been, with our Tahoe Chevrolet, which has become my favorite car ever, the most exciting thing for me was how easy it is to travel with Shirel, since we can put the stroller without folding, there is so much room in the car, and I felt like a serious VIP on the road, not too shabby. Stay posted to more details on this beautiful car in my next post. For a day trip I am always looking for comfort therefore athletic wear is my to go to, here you see me wearing my new Nike gear, with my Native shoes, and bien sur my Stella bag. Hope you enjoy it, Besos.Athletic WearAlexandriaChevrolet TahoeNikeNikeAlexandriaNikeDesignFamily

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