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I am always open to hearing feedback and suggestions from readers and new followers. Have a question for me or the blog? Like a certain post and want to see more of it? Don’t hesitate to send me a quick message and I will do my very best to follow-up as promptly as possible. All advertisement/press/media inquiries will be kindly accepted here as well.

Aquí teneis mi email para cualquier pregunta! No dudéis en contactarme, si teneis preguntas o sugerencias! Para propuestas de colaboración, patrocinio y prensa!

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2 thoughts on “Contact Haya

  1. Emmie

    Hi Haya,

    My very good friend Sarah Kennedy mentioned your blog to me and I love it. I used to live in DC and recently moved to San Diego to start new adventures, some of which involve fashion. I was hoping you might have a few minutes to chat with me. You can email me or call me at 301-655-871.


  2. Ga'Mele Armstrong

    To the Good Good Gorgeous Team,

    My name is Ga’Mele Armstrong and I am the manager of True Religion in Towson, MD. We are the flagship store for the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We are hosting a client event on Saturday, September 12th, 2015. We would love to have you as a guest blogger for this event if possible. The guest will be able to view the new Fall collection as well as enjoy refreshing beverages by premium vodka brand Kastell Vodka as well as a complementary “Swag Bag”. Please let me know if you are able to make it. Thanks in Advance.

    My best regards,

    Ga’Mele Armstrong


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