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Spring Picks from NET-A-PORTER

Gucci BagTomorrow is oficially the first day of May which also means it’s Mother’s Day in Spain! YAY! Follow me on Snapchat (HAYATETROV) and Instagram tomorrow, so you can see how I spend the day with Shirel, for a fun day (my iPhone tells me it’s gonna be warm and sunny). But unfortunately today felt nothing like spring, it was rainy and cold, which made me wanna crawl into my bed and browse around Net-A-Porter to see what’s new, and share with you my favorite picks! I fell in love with these two Gucci Bags one pink and one red, these Stella McCartney sunnies, Sophia Webster heeled sandals that come in 3 different colors (nude, metallic, hot pink), and a Michael Kors white knotted top (a must in your closet this spring/summer). I hope you like my picks, and there will be more coming this week! Stella McCartney SunglassesGucci BagSophia Webster Sandals

Valentine’s Day Style on ASOS

It’s almost February??!!! Wasn’t it yesterday that we were celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas yesterday? Can you keep up with time? I know I feel like it’s literally flying by me, maybe it’s because I have a toddler, or maybe because I just got back to Barcelona, Im trying to figure out my schedule which is kind of impossible to do with a little one who needs my constant attention, maybe that’s why time seems to fly?! I tend to get off topic I guess when I put my thoughts down on a post, but going back to Valentine’s Day, my hubby will be joining me in Barcelona, and I can’t wait for him to arrive! C/meo Collective Four Shadows Ruffle Jumpsuit in Black $266

C/meo Collective Four Shadows Ruffle Jumpsuit in Black $266

Which is why I am already planning our date night and obviously what I shall be wearing. I’ve been on Inning frenzy to get inspired! So here I share a few of the dresses and an amazing ruffled jumpsuit (by C/meo Collective, which I absolutely love) I found on, which I think will be perfect for a romantic date, a mix of sexy and chic pieces that you can wear endlessly after the occasion! I hope you ladies enjoy these, and I do hope that your men will enjoy these looks as well, Besos.

Missguided Lace Shirt Dress

Missguided Lace Shirt Dress $48

Asos dress

Missguided Lace Shirt Dress $48


Jen’s Pirate Booty Ara Mini Dress $287

Asos dress

Chi Chi London Petite Sequin Embellished Plunge Back Prom Dress $112C/meo Collective dress

C/meo Collective Bedroom Wall Sleeveless Dress in Ivory $237C/meo Collective Stand Still Midi Dress in Black

C/meo Collective Stand Still Midi Dress in Black $267

Asos dress

The Jetset Diaries Piza Lace Mini Body-Conscious Dress in Cornflower $243



Gift ideas for Him

Today it hit me, next Saturday it’s Valentine’s Day! Yes I know you were all more aware of it, since we are being reminded of it every day everywhere we look, and I have been aware that it was almost February 14th, but with my baby girl I really forget to look at the date, and keep up with the days! My clock and time just runs around her feeding, changing and napping times (in between I manage to squeeze baby yoga time, baby music class, and of course story time;). But yes today I realised I need to find the right gift for Jeff, and I am sure just like me many of you need to find a gift for the man in your life! Here are some of my favourite selections for him, and throughout the week I will keep posting ideas and Pinning ideas on my Be My Valentine board! 

8 Affordable, Biker Leather Jackets from Asos

If you are anything like me, you cannot quite find that perfect leather jacket, there is always something wrong, either it doesn’t fit how you want it to fit, the leather feels too plastic like (assuming it isn’t real leather), the pockets stick out too much, it’s too expensive for it’s quality, and the list goes on and on (now you can kind of get how picky I am). Therefore I can never find the right leather jacket (except the amazingly expensive Balenciaga ones, always so perfect), which is why I have set as one of my (many) goals for 2015 to finally find and buy “MY” perfect leather jacket, in the process of doing so I will of course share some of my findings:) So here are a few I found on, most of them are under $100!

My Isabella Oliver Fall Maternity Picks

Isabella Oliver ELIE MATERNITY TUNIC DRESSIsabella Oliver Elie Maternity Tunic Dress $139

Isabella Oliver ALLERTON MATERNITY DRESSIsabella Oliver Allerton Maternity Dress $169

Isabella Oliver LEISTON MATERNITY TOPIsabella Oliver Leiston Maternity Top $95

Isabella Oliver HUTTON MATERNITY TROUSERSIsabella Oliver Hutton Maternity Pants $145

Isabella Oliver CRANLEIGH MATERNITY SHIRTIsabella Oliver Cranleigh Maternity Shirt $129

Isabella Oliver ATHERTON MATERNITY TUNICIsabella Oliver Atherton Maternity Tunic $115

Another week, a new list of Maternity picks;) Isabella Oliver is a UK maternity line, which I have fallen in love with. It truly embodies an essence of chic comfort for us mother’s to be, to not only feel comfortable but keep up with our style (for those of us who care of course)! Since my due date is early Fall, I have already eyed my Fall garments from their pre-collection, and these pieces have got me covered;)