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Amira Training Club

Amira Training ClubTaking care of my body has always been such a huge part of my daily habits, and routine. I started practicing Yoga and Pilates at the age of 23, I practiced dance and did as much cardio as I could get (most of the time spending two to three hours). I had a lot of time to take care of myself, that I now don’t have anymore, since I am a mother. I have tried getting back into the swing of things, from time to time going to Zumba classes, or some boot camp classes (where I actually hurt myself the last time I went). Which is why when I heard of Amira Training Club once I got back to Barcelona, I couldn’t resist but going. I had tried Barre a few years ago in DC, but I never really got into it. Amira has a way to inspire you in her classes, not only because of her incredible dancen’s body, and the way she lifts her legs with such grace and ease (I definitely look anything but graceful, but slowly getting there). Ever since I have started taking her classes, I feel stronger, more agile, lighter, and simply motivated to take care of my mind body and soul. It sin’t just the technique, it is everything about the space as well, big windows with natural light, greenery when you look at the beautiful courtyard, the other women who are making time to come into the classes and do something positive for themselves, the other classes such as Zumba, or Pilates, but still my favorite is Fitness Ballet with Amira. If you are in Barcelona please try out one of Amira’s classes, and tell me if you do! I will keep posting more about it! Till then I hope you enjoy these few photos… Amira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training ClubAmira Training Club

Jo Malone, City Center DC

Jo MaloneJo MaloneIt’s been a minute since I got a chance to post on the blog! I guess I can never say it enough times, I wish I had more hours in a day, honestly, the days start and then before I manage to do half of what I planned it’s 4pm and I have to pick up Shirel from daycare! Once I pick her up, that’s it I’m on mom mode and I don’t work and try to be as less as possible on my phone/laptop, so i can dedicate my time to her, and enjoy it until I put her to sleep. Once she is asleep I get to do more work, but lately I have been falling asleep with her:) I guess what Im saying is that I just like all mothers am on permanent exhausted mode where sometimes Id rather sleep than stare at a laptop, does that sound familiar? But I have been wanting to share with you guys how amazing my Jo Malone experience was at their City Center DC boutique. I absolutely fell in love with everything Jo Malone, I entered their world with no way out. Jo MaloneJo MaloneJo MaloneJo Malone, City Center DCThe interior design, the packaging, the details, the fragrances, the candles, and of course the hand treatment I received was just magical. I couldn’t get enough of the different frangrances, and the beautiful philosophy of the brand, how loyal it is to it’s London roots, to elegance and grace, because you feel it in every detail. I lived in London for 4 years, and walking into that store I just felt transported back to the city! Jo Malone is truly a brand that lives up to it’s word, quality and it’s fame. Stay tuned for my next post where I will share my favorite products of Jo Malone, which I seriously cannot live without on a daily basis! I will also visit their Barcelona store, so stay tuned for that! For now I hope you enjoy the snaps I took of the store, and if you want to surprise a loved one, or treat them simply because they derserve I recommend Jo Malone’s hand treatment! They let you pick your favorite scents, and use the lotions, essential oils, and their amazing body scrubs, it is an absolute treat, for yourself as well! Jo MaloneJo Malone Jo MaloneJo MaloneJo MaloneJo Malone

Denim jacket and black dress

Mother and DaughterZadig & Voltaire

Wearing total look by Zadig & Voltaire, dress and denim jacket, Converse, Shirel is wearing Target kids, and Children’s Place sandals. I hope you enjoy this look by Zadig & Voltaire, you can get it at their City Center DC boutique. 

Photography by Maleknaz 

The title of this post is all about my look, which is one of my favorite easy casual and feminine look to pull together, but for many reasons once I started writing this post I couldn’t help but think about Shirel, and all the love we have for her, so it turned out to be all about her:) Hope you enjoy it!

There is one phrase that as much as it sounds like a cliché I just cannot stop myself from saying it or thinking it! TIME FLIES! It truly does, it feels just like yesterday when we were in DC shooting this in the Shaw area and getting to know the neighbourhood, and now suddenly we are in Barcelona. Another thing that always amazes me it doesn’t matter how often I fly and how I have been a traveler since I was a little girl, non of it stops phasing me how I can be in one continent and within a few hours land in another one. It is quite amazing, and we are so lucky, and I feel so lucky that my husband signed up with me to live this life of traveling back and forth until Shirel is a little older and starts school. Some might call us crazy, but we love it, at times it gets hard but nothing worth it comes easy, and for us this is worth it, and a privilege that we get to share time with these two beautiful cities, with our families and friends on both continents. Come to think of it I have always wanted to live like this, maybe it’s my Gemini in me, or maybe it’s the nomad in me, I am used to moving around since I am 4 years old so after a while I tend to get anxious in one place, because I feel like there is so much to see and discover around the world. So yes even as a mother I tend to pick a different way, maybe not the mainstream but also not that strange or crazy, because guess what I am not that special and there are plenty of other families and people doing just the same or even more. Zadig & VoltaireGGGZadig & VoltaireWhich brings me back to how time flies, next week Shirel will turn 2 years old, and Jeff will turn 35 WOW I can’t believe it so much to celebrate. I met Jeff when he was about to turn 23 just a few days away from his birthday, I had just turned 21, we were so young and little did we know where life would take us together, and that October would be such a special month for us. Shirel turns 2, my baby is growing so fast, and I can barely keep up with her, she is so feisty and funny, with a stubborness to her that is exactly the right mix of her dad and me (we are quite stubborn the two of us), she is starting to boss around boys in her class (love that, I was NOT at all like her, and I love that she is like this), she still loves to dance and sing more than anything, she is convinced that the whole Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her clique, she speaks three different languages within one sentence, she loves carbs, cheese and avocado (my favorite foods when I was pregnant and always), she loves dogs but is terrified to get near them, and she is sweet to everyone she meets, she gives the best hugs and she gives so much love! Shirel is everything I have ever dreamed of and more, I could not have asked for a more precious babygirl and I cannot wait to celebrate her for the rest of our lives! She is our Love, she is that pure love of two young 20 something year olds that met in Barcelona years ago, not looking for love but who happened to stumble upon it, she is the manisfestation of what was thought to be a love that would never happen, a relationship that was doomed from the beginning because of our very different cultures, despite all the hardships we grew stronger we got even closer with every struggle our love grew stronger until one day Shirel graced us with her love, and for her we have walked hand in hand these years to embrace her and to have her in our lives! Words can’t be said as to what she means to us, and we can’t wait to celebrate her birthday next week!Zadig & VoltaireShirelGGGGGGGGGGGG`

Zaytinya Brunch

ZaytinyaZaytinyaI just like most of you love planning some (if not most) of our weekends around brunch! So naturally when I was invited to try out Zaytinya‘s new brunch, I was more than excited. Zaytinya is one of the first restaurants my husband took me to, back when we were dating and I was visiting him from Barcelona! I loved their food the first time I tried it and still do until today, because I am also a big fan of Jose Andres and his restaurants in DC. So to try out the brunch we invited our friends and their kids, so it was four of us adults and three kids, and everything went absolutely smoothly. For those of you who have kids, you know that not every restaurant is kid friendly, but Zaytinya is, and they have quite a selection of delicious kids plates which made it easier for us. They started by serving us their fresh and warm pita bread (which Shirel couldnt stop munching on), with their different spreads, for an Israeli like me once you bring out the pita and hummus you have won my heart:) From there on the feast began with delicously fried eggplants, to seared salmon that literally melted in my mouth like butter, a falafel salad (I never say no to falafel) and shish taouk grilled chicken with veggies which was tasty to perfection! The food isn’t the only magical element to Zaytinya, the space itself is magical with an amazing high ceiling, with huge windows and a natural light that instantly changes your mood, add to that the design elements and you have the perfect atmosphere to spend a Sunday brunch with your friends and family! ZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinyaZaytinya

Lansdowne Resort and Spa

Lansdowne Resort

Lansdowne Resort

A weekend getaway always sounds like the perfect plan for any given weekend to me! Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when the Lansdowne Resort and Spa invited me to experience their newly renovated bedroom(s), and all the fun activities they have going on, like 3 pools, Golf, vineyards (though we couldn’t enjoy these since we we were with Shirel) but we enjoyed every minute at the pool with delicious food and cocktails as you can imagine.. The funny thing was, the moment we arrived at the entrance Jeff realized that we had been here for our friends wedding, this was the first time I ever visited the US and DC, I was 24 and I arrived two days before the wedding weekend! And we had amazing memories there, and we were ready to create new unforgetable memories with Shirel. So the moment we entered in our beautifully redesigned room, we made ourselves coffee, changed into our bathing suits, I of course unpacked (can’t have clothes not hanging for too long hehe), and we headed to the pool with Shirel and the countless water toys Jeff decided to get her that morning at Target. Though there was an adult pool that looked so peaceful and fun, there were two kids/family pools just as cool as the adult ones. We found the perfect corner half shade half sun, and we started spraying sunscreen on Shirel and ourselves, I of course told Jeff to take her to play in the water, and I proceeded to my relax time under the sun (I so needed some vitamin D, as I had been hiding from the sun and heat all summer).

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

We were welcomed with delicious food, and cocktails in a bucket, which I found perfect for the occasion, even though I knew there was no way I could drink even half of it, I did get buzzed which was just what I needed to start my relax weekend! The day just flew by with going in and out of the pool, sipping on the bucket, and running after Shirel, so we packed up showered and headed to the Leesburg Outlets my hubby’s favorite hangout spot, because of their Nike store. Any time we go there I know we need a few good hours, luckily this time he was quick and we found kicks for Shirel, and a few work out goodies for me, and headed back to have dinner at the hotel. Saturday started with a delicious breakfast and beautiful views, and of course we hit the pool again since we had to leave the hotel and head back to DC for an early farewell dinner for one of our friends moving to the West Coast. As you can imagine it was just the same fabulously relaxing time as Friday:) We loved everything about the hotel, not only was the room delightful with amazing views, but the service in the hotel was impecable, everyone was so friendly everything was so clean, and they have so much to offer to families, young couples or just about anyone who is looking to have a relaxing vacation! We were so happy with our stay we wanted to come back the weekend after, but it was a little complicated since it was Labor Day weekend, and also my last weekend in DC before heading back to Barcelona, so I had a lot of people to see and loads to pack. But we will definitely be back at Lansdowne Resort and Spa as soon as we can, especially because I didn’t get to try out their Spa, and I have heard that’s a MUST:)Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort