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Lansdowne Resort and Spa

Lansdowne Resort

Lansdowne Resort

A weekend getaway always sounds like the perfect plan for any given weekend to me! Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when the Lansdowne Resort and Spa invited me to experience their newly renovated bedroom(s), and all the fun activities they have going on, like 3 pools, Golf, vineyards (though we couldn’t enjoy these since we we were with Shirel) but we enjoyed every minute at the pool with delicious food and cocktails as you can imagine.. The funny thing was, the moment we arrived at the entrance Jeff realized that we had been here for our friends wedding, this was the first time I ever visited the US and DC, I was 24 and I arrived two days before the wedding weekend! And we had amazing memories there, and we were ready to create new unforgetable memories with Shirel. So the moment we entered in our beautifully redesigned room, we made ourselves coffee, changed into our bathing suits, I of course unpacked (can’t have clothes not hanging for too long hehe), and we headed to the pool with Shirel and the countless water toys Jeff decided to get her that morning at Target. Though there was an adult pool that looked so peaceful and fun, there were two kids/family pools just as cool as the adult ones. We found the perfect corner half shade half sun, and we started spraying sunscreen on Shirel and ourselves, I of course told Jeff to take her to play in the water, and I proceeded to my relax time under the sun (I so needed some vitamin D, as I had been hiding from the sun and heat all summer).

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

We were welcomed with delicious food, and cocktails in a bucket, which I found perfect for the occasion, even though I knew there was no way I could drink even half of it, I did get buzzed which was just what I needed to start my relax weekend! The day just flew by with going in and out of the pool, sipping on the bucket, and running after Shirel, so we packed up showered and headed to the Leesburg Outlets my hubby’s favorite hangout spot, because of their Nike store. Any time we go there I know we need a few good hours, luckily this time he was quick and we found kicks for Shirel, and a few work out goodies for me, and headed back to have dinner at the hotel. Saturday started with a delicious breakfast and beautiful views, and of course we hit the pool again since we had to leave the hotel and head back to DC for an early farewell dinner for one of our friends moving to the West Coast. As you can imagine it was just the same fabulously relaxing time as Friday:) We loved everything about the hotel, not only was the room delightful with amazing views, but the service in the hotel was impecable, everyone was so friendly everything was so clean, and they have so much to offer to families, young couples or just about anyone who is looking to have a relaxing vacation! We were so happy with our stay we wanted to come back the weekend after, but it was a little complicated since it was Labor Day weekend, and also my last weekend in DC before heading back to Barcelona, so I had a lot of people to see and loads to pack. But we will definitely be back at Lansdowne Resort and Spa as soon as we can, especially because I didn’t get to try out their Spa, and I have heard that’s a MUST:)Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortLansdowne Resort

Ganni Trench Coat

Ganni Trench Coat

Photography by Dominique Fierro, location The Fairmont Hotel DC.

Wearing Ganni Trench Coat on sale on Lynn Louisa, and Revolve, Ganni Tunic on sale on Revolve, Converse white shoes. 

As a little girl I remember my mother had this beautiful long nude trench coat by MaxMara, she wore a nude tone lipstick, and her hair was a warm almost honey color. That was my favorite look of hers, I dreamed of one day wearing that coat, and getting hightlights (that dream came true obviously hehe), and she still has that coat at home I just need to get it fitted on my body! But meanwhile here I am probably around the age she was, styling this beautiful Ganni trench coat with a Ganni tunic, from my favorite Georgetown boutique, Lynn Louisa. So as you can imagine when I first went to Lynn Louisa and saw this trench I fell head over heels, but not only with the trench with the store as a whole. I love all the brands they carry and the pieces they pick, it really is like my dream closet. Gabby (the owner) is so passionate about the brands she brings, she flies all the way to Denmark and LA amongst other places to hand pick all of her pieces, and it truly shows when you walk in there. Therefore I decided to partner with Gabby and show you a few of my favorite looks from her store, and this is the first one so make sure you stay tuned for more looks! Definitely make sure to visit Lynn Louisa if you are in DC, and right now they have up to 70% off! Another bonus reason to visit the shop, is that my amazingly talented, fun and funny (sometimes weird hehe) friend and photographer of this look and many more, Dominique Fierro is the residente artist of the boutique, and you can check out her art and buy it right there, I think we have covered enough reasons to visit this new Georgetown boutique.  I hope you love this look as much as I do, and hopefully it will five you some Fall inspiration. Ganni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench CoatGanni Trench Coat

Staycation at the Fairmont Hotel Washington D.C.

Fairmont HotelLast weekend was probably the hottest it’s been since we have been back in DC, and don’t get me wrong it’s been extremely steamy, but I could not have had a better refuge with my hubby and Shirel, than the Fairmont Hotel in Georgetown. When I was first invited to stay at the hotel and experience their newly renovated Gold Floor and Gold Lounge, I was actually in Barcelona, but I made sure to let them know that once I would be back in DC I would love to stay at their beautiful hotel. Little did I know that the Gold Lounge at the Fairmont, equals absolute heaven! They re-designed the whole floor, including the bedrooms and the Gold Lounge, and we absolutely fell in love. Everything we experienced in the hotel was purely delightful, the service could not have been more excellent, the rooms are beautifully designed, so clean, and cozy, with warm colors and complete silence which is what I need when I am staying at a hotel. The bathroom shower has a rain shower, which made me wanna take never ending showers, their soaps and lotions were probably one of the best I have had in a hotel (except Hotel Arts in Barcelona, where they had Aqua di Parma, tough to compete with that one), and the BED I must’ve told my husband a hundred times that I want a bed just like that:) Since we couldn’t go anywhere due to the horrid heat, we just lounged at the Gold Lounge, and the food was just unbelievable, as a guest you get breakfast included, drinks and snack all day, at 5pm they bring out hors d’oeuvres, and at 8pm the desserts come out. What is even better is that every day was a different theme, the first evening it was Spanish style with a sea food Paella and all shorts of cheeses, the second day it was Asian food, Duck buns, Dim Sum, and Sushi, and on Sunday it was American style with a barbecue inspired theme, mini hotdogs, mini burgers, coleslaw, and corn. It wasn’t just delicious, it was so fresh, all their fruits and vegetables, it felt like I was back in Europe. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate so much, and anyone who knows me knows that I love food but I have a small belly which makes me get full quite easily, but here it was just stretching by the minute, and I enjoyed every moment. It goes without saying that every detail in the hotel is so well thought, the employees are just wonderful, always ready to help, with a simple on their face, which doesn’t always happen when you have a toddler running around touching everything throwing things, you know being a kid. This weekend at the Fairmont is just what we needed, a little family staycation, filled with delicious food, and a relaxing ambience. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more from this stay, I shot a few Fall looks at the hotel in partnership with Shop Lynn Louisa, and I cannot wait to share them.Fairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont Hotel GeorgetownFairmont Hotel Fairmont HotelFairmont Hotel GeorgetownFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelShirelFairmont HotelFairmont Hotel GeorgetownFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont HotelFairmont Hotel

El Palauet, Barcelona’s most exclusive Hotel

El PalauetBarcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world, each year and especially during summer season the city welcomes a sea of tourists on a daily basis. I am proud to call Barcelona my city, not only because it is such a coveted city, but because I am truly in love with it’s beauty. By beauty I meanall it offers, from it’s architecture, it’s story, the beautiful beaches, mountains (Tibidabo, Montjuic), the weather, it’s restaurants and food, it’s shopping, and especially it’s Hotels that come with amazing rooftops and views of the city! So as you can imagine when I got invited by El Palauet for a staycation in their exclusive hotel, I was SO excited. El Palauet is not your normal hotel that you can stroll into the lobby and have a casual coffee or lunch, it is an exclusive space where you need to be let in after ringing the doorbell, and once you walk in you understand why it is Barcelona’s most unique and beautiful hotel. The building is an art nouveau building with a rooftop spa, El Palauet (original Casa Bonaventura Ferrer) hotel is home to chic centre-city suites with high ceilings, stained glass windows, bright-white furniture, and forty-five original ceilings with ornate moulding designs are listed as historic treasures by the Town Hall of Barcelona. Superb carved-wood doors, mosaic tiles, wrought iron ornamentation, dramatic staircases and the traditional elevator have all been meticulously restored.  In an art nouveau building that dates back to 1906, each artistically designed suite also comes with a personal assistant with intimate knowledge of all of Barcelona’s barrios. The experience was just amazing, I have stayed in many hotels in Barcelona and while traveling, but this suite just took my breath away, I truly felt like it wasn’t just a hotel, but I could easily live in this suite, I mean wouldn’t we all want to? If you are planning a trip to Barcelona and are looking for that special experience El Palauet is without a doubt the perfect choice, it’s location is super, as it is right on Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal, not too far from Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, and Casa Batllo! Let me know if you have any other questions regarding Barcelona, and I can help you plan your trip, until then enjoy these pictures and remember El Palauet is definitely Barcelona’s best kept secret. El PalauetEl Palauet

El PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl Palauet El PalauetEl PalauetEl PalauetEl Palauet

Dove Hair, #LoveYourHair Campaign

Dove HairI am so delighted to work with Dove Hair on their #LoveYourHair campaign, not only because I have used their products ever since I am a little girl, starting with their skincare products, and probably every deodorant they have in the market (I swear by their deodorant, and will not travel anywhere without packing at least 2 of them), but because I love the empowering messages they always send to us women and the next generations of women to come. Which is why I (as you can imagine) I was so excited when I received the email, inviting me to be part of this beautiful and inspiring campaign. When it comes to my hair I have always considered myself lucky, I have inherited my dad’s Georgian thick and wavy hair, it is not fully straight nor completely wavy, and it took me a while to understand that it is a combination of beauty, but I have always loved it. Wherever I went as a little girl I remember my hair being the center of attention and people would always comment on it and honestly not much has changed it is still a conversation that pops up whenever I am with girlfriends or in other social circles, we always somehow end up discussing our hair. Dove HairDove Hair

As a little girl I had long hair and my mother would braid it in all different types of styles, she would never cut it, and it was dark blonde until I was probably 10, and suddenly it changed into a dark brown. As my teenage years approached I decided to go back to my early childhood blonde days, and ever since I have been hooked, there were times where I thought I should go back to my natural color because I should be proud of it, and not hide it with a “fake” color as that is a message I kept hearing from people, but with the years I have come to love it and feel it is more natural to me than any other color I have tried (including my natural dark brown). I love the light it brings to my skin, and how it makes my green eyes stand out more, so why should I care if some people call it fake? We are constantly told what the norm of beautiful hair is or should be and at times it might be challenging to silence those messages, but I believe we all have our own norm of beautiful hair, nobody should tell us women what is or isn’t beautiful to us. The way we choose to wear our hair is a personal statement, and a powerful one to each one of us, which is why I think we should treat it with kindness and love, just as we do to our body and skin. I never realized how much my hair meant to me, until after my pregnancy when I started losing a lot of my hair, it was dry and dull no matter what products I used, and it took forever to grow back to what it was. In a way I felt like I wasn’t myself because my hair had completely changed, I suddenly felt like I was robbed of something so natural to me, which might seem dramatic to some or not as important as other issues, but that is how it felt to me in that moment. Dove HairDove Hair Dove Hair

That is why Dove’s #LoveYourHair campaign is so close to my heart, I love the mission and message behind it which is to make every woman feel good about her hair and love it no matter what color, texture or style they choose for themselves. To show the love I have for my strands, I have partnered with Dove Hair on their Pinterest campaign so I can share with you all my favorite hairstyles to wear all year round, you can see my braided top knot, long wavy bun, and Brigitte Bardot inspired hair! All of this is on their Mermaid Hair Goals board, so make sure you check it out! Dove’s #LoveYourHair message is loud and clear, if you love your natural hair without blowouts or extensions in your natural color, own it and show it, and if you have curly hair and love to straighten it, or if you are Asian and wanna go blonde, go for it! Nobody should tell us what is right or wrong about how we wear our hair, it is all about how we feel wearing it the way we love it. Check out Dove Hair’s short film, where women share the societal pressures they face for choosing a certain color or style, with Dove Hair’s message that it is time to celebrate all types of hair and broaden the definition of beautiful hair by celebrating all the types of hair. I hope each one of you will celebrate their beautiful hair no matter how you choose to wear it! Dove Hair