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Barcelona days…

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The countdown has officially begun for me (Im 35 weeks), as I am less than five weeks away from my due date! So many emotions and feelings creep up on a daily basis (if not on an hourly basis), those of you who have been pregnant, or are at the moment, you get it right? Luckily I am back home in Barcelona, with my family and friends, and have all the support in the world, the only missing piece is my hubby, who will be joining me next week! So that´s a shorter countdown, one week and he is here, which gives us time to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary as well as enjoy a little us time before our baby girl joins our little family… The days seem to go by slowly, because well I am way heavier, it is way too hot, and as you can imagine these last weeks are tougher in every way. And as I´ve mentioned before, the only thing I can manage to wear are maxi dresses, my Havaïanas, and that is all, it blows my mind when I see pregnant women that fit into anything at the end of their pregnancies, it´s impressive, but I am definitely not one of those women (swollen is my new nickname)… Therefore as I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to splurge on bags, and especially pick ones that are comfortable (not too heavy), and will be great to carry around when I have a baby in my arms or am carrying a stroller. So I picked the Stella Mccartney Falabella bag, and cannot wear any other bag at the moment, definitely a great buy! And well I cannot wait till I get my hands on more bags I have eyed;) Wishing you all a great weekend, and hopefully I will get to post a few more times before life gets busier… Stella McCartney, Falabella bagStyle the Bump


red maxi dress, maternity dress, louis vuitton bag, le specs sunglasses

It´s been a year since last time I visited home (Barcelona), or saw my family, friends and my city! So words aren´t really enough (or necessary) for you all to imagine the feeling of finally being here, seeing and embracing all my loved ones, and of course the emotions are higher than ever since I am pregnant and my family got to see me for the first time with my baby bump! I was so nervous about traveling on my own such a long distance, and so many hours, but luckily everything went smoothly, except as you can imagine my belly didn´t really allow me to be comfortable on the flight;) But it was all worth it! After settling a bit in Barcelona, I took another (short) flight to Menorca with my mom and nephews to join the other half of the family! My brother with his (pregnant) wife, and two beautiful daughters. We had the best time spending a week at a beautiful resort, with beautiful ocean views, complete seclusion, and absolutel peace! It´s also really cool that I get to be pregnant with my sister in law, we are the same week (34), and we are both expecting a baby girl… Exciting moments to share… Oh and before I forget to mention, I have absolutely no idea how women can wear anything and everything they want towards the end of the pregnancy, because quite frankly I have been living on maxi dresses, like this one… Therefore this month I have decided to splurge on Fall bags, will be sharing which ones on the blog!red maxi dress, maternity dress, louis vuitton bag, le specs sunglasses

red maxi dress, maternity dress, louis vuitton bag, le specs sunglasses

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Exactamente hace un año que no llego a casa (Barcelona), o veo a mi familia y amigos! Asi que os podeis imaginar el porque no he tenido ni un momento para subir un post! Entre viajes, de DC a Barcelona, de Barcelona a Menorca, y de vuelta a Barcelona, solo he tenido tiempo para tranquilizarme estos ultimos dias! Y de repente ya estoy en la semana 34 del embarazo, ya queda poquito! Pero aqui os dejo con algunas imagenes de Menorca, ya subire mas, pero era simplemente para contaros que estoy disfrutando de cada momento. Y por cierto las mujeres que estan las ultimas semanas del embarazo y siguen poniendose lo que les da la gana, tienen muchisima suerte, porque yo solo sobrevivo con mis vestidos maxi, como este;)! Asi que he decidido gastar en bolsos este mes;)!

red maxi dress, maternity dress, louis vuitton bag, le specs sunglasses